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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Download Student Fee Management System Project in c# .net


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                 Project Name: Student Fee Management system 

              Language Name: C Sharp ,c# 

              Database Connectivity :SQL Server 2008

              Application Type: Windows Application    


In today’s world of technology , no one in the this world  like to perform huge bundle of calculations on  simple / scientific calculator or manually when computer is exist in the home ,school ,offices and  hospitals . Everyone wants to complete his /her work by computer automatically and displaying the result for further manipulations within twinkle of an eye. So this project is about providing convenience regarding fee management system.
User is no longer required to check his register in search of records, as now it can be searched over the software by choosing some simple options. On the whole it liberates the user from keeping lengthy manual record, and it abates the work load of an organization.
               This project “FEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” will be able to implement in future after making some changes and modifications as we make our project at a very low level. The modifications that can be done in our project are to add the snaps of the student of which the record is entered. This will result in total identification of the given student. Similarly various modifications can be done to enhance the usability of the given project as suitable for user’s requirement.

Functions To Be Provided:

  • Create student profile
  • Update Fee student record
  • Delete Fee student record  
  • Search Fee student record
  • See full Fee Report 

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  1. Dear Nasir,
    when I run your application, Student Fee Management System , I get SQL Client error. Can you please help.. rajbiz1@yahoo.com.
    Thank You

  2. Dear Sir,
    Please send me database file at vivek5111988@gmail.com


  3. It is not worked..