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Friday, 14 June 2013

Download Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Tutorials


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What is Computer architecture? 

Usually computer architecture is abbreviated as (CA),computer architecture can be define as it is   the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer system. in other words we can say that It is a blueprint and functional description of requirements and design implementations for the various parts of a computer. 

Topics List  

  • Define and explain Introduction to Assembly Language?
  • Define and explain  Addressing Modes?
  • what is Branching?
  • what is Bit Manipulations?
  • what are Subroutines?
  • what is Display Memory?
  • what is String Instructions?
  • what is Software Interrupts?
  • What are Real Time Interrupts and Hardware Interfacing?
  • what is Debug Interrupts?
  • what are Multitasking?
  • What are Video Services?
  • what is Secondary Storage?
  • what is Serial Port Programming?
  • what is Protected Mode Programming?
  • what is Interfacing with High Level Languages?
  • what is Comparison with Other Processors?
  • what is Instruction Set Architecture?
  • what is Introduction to SRC Processor?
  • What is ISA and Instruction Formats?
  • Explain Description of SRC in RTL?
  • Design Process for ISA of FALCON-A?
  • what is ISA of the FALCON-A?
  • What are Description of FALCON-A and EAGLE using RTL?
  • what are The FALCON-E and ISA Comparison?
  • What are CISC and RISC?
  • introduction to CPU Design?
  • Explain Structural RTL Description of the FALCON-A?
  • what is External FALCON-A CPU?
  • what are Logic Design and Control Signals Generation in SRC?
  • Control Unit Design?
  • what are Machine Reset and Machine Exceptions?
  • what is Pipe lining?
  • what is Pipe lined  SRC?
  • what are Hazards in Pipe lining?
  • what are Instruction Level Parallelism?
  • Explanation of Micro programming?
  • explain I/O Subsystems?
  • Designing Parallel Input and Output Ports?
  • what is Input Output Interface?
  • what are Programmed I/O?  and so on........................




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